Robin Pilcher


December 17th, 2014

Xmas Card 2014

Last Sunday turned out to be a Big Day for one extremely well-behaved and quite sartorially dressed little man called Alfie. Not only was he to be christened, but he also managed to land himself the lead role in the church Nativity Play. The props department unfortunately failed to measure him up prior to his Big Performance and supplied him with a manger that was a bit on the tight side, but it gave Alfie the opportunity to show how an advertising campaign for Converse trainers would benefit from his input…

I thought you’d like to see this. Have a Happy Christmas and a very Guid New Year (as they say in Scotland…)

“Robin Pilcher is popular novelist Rosamunde Pilcher’s oldest son, and living proof that talent does run in families…..with his Scottish sensibility and captivating wordplay, Pilcher is able to craft a fine and fulfilling novel.” (Booklist)

“If An Ocean Apart is any indication of Robin Pilcher’s works, then it is only a matter of time before the author becomes as well-known as his mother.” (

“My family was brought up with the feelgood factor, so that’s what I write about. Real people and believable situations. My characters may be criticized by some as being stereotypical, but quite honestly, I take that as a compliment. One can associate with them.” (Robin Pilcher)