Robin Pilcher

Latest book - “A Matter of Trust” & “The Long Way Home”


Now resident with her family in New York, Claire Barclay returns to the house in Scotland where she spent her teenage years. After the sudden death of her mother, Claire becomes increasingly concerned about the welfare of her much-loved and now frail stepfather, Leo Harrison. But his own grown children seem more concerned about preserving their financial assets and smart lifestyles than their father’s health.

The situation is further complicated by Jonas Fairweather, Leo’s neighbour, who has become the old man’s caretaker and confidant. It was he who had broken Claire’s heart at just eighteen and she still carries the hurt of that occurrence deep within her.

Now Jonas is asking her to trust him again on a matter of great urgency. But every one of his actions seems to point to his scheming against Leo and the family.

A Matter of Trust is available in paperback in the UK from 1st December 2010, and as part of Waterstone’s Fiction Book of the Year 3 for 2 promotion

The Long Way Home, the US version of the book, will be available in paperback from 12th April 2011


book-starting-over.jpgIt’s Edinburgh in August. A group of people, drawn to the city for the forthcoming Festival, meet for the first time, little knowing that the events of this long hot summer, and the arrival of Angelique Pascal, a talented and beautiful violinist, will throw their lives into turmoil. Angelique Pascal is in Edinburgh to headline at the Festival’s finale and her fiery spirit is already making waves. Tired of being controlled by her overbearing tutor, Albert, Angelique finds herself yearning for a moment’s respite from both the constant touring and the restrictions of her celebrity status. But when events take a sinister turn and Angelique must flee in terror from all that she has known, she finds safety in the most unexpected place.

A Risk Worth Taking

book-a-risk-worth-taking.jpgDan Porter thought he had his life sorted: a high-flying job in the City, a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. But when his struggling new firm makes him redundant, Dan’s life and his marriage begins to fall apart. But then he sees as article in a magazine about Vagabonds, a small company up for sale in Scotland with massive potential for expansion. With his wife away on yet another business trip, Dan casts fate to the wind and heads north. What he discovers isn’t at all what he expects, but it’s certainly about to change his life…

Starting Over

book-starting-over.jpgSince the split of her 18-year marriage, Liz Dewhurst has lived with her son, Alex, and her father on their family farm on the east coast of Fife. The farm is now burdened with debt – Liz wants to keep the farm but her father feels it sensible to sell to a company who wants to make the land into a golf course.

An Ocean Apart

book-an-ocean-apart.jpgRetired Lord Incheillich, 75-year-old patriarch of Glendurnich Distilleries, holds the family company together as his son, David, mourns his wife’s death. Sent to the USA, David falls apart and takes a job as a handyman/gardener. He meets a single mother and her son who help put him back together.

“Robin Pilcher is popular novelist Rosamunde Pilcher’s oldest son, and living proof that talent does run in families…..with his Scottish sensibility and captivating wordplay, Pilcher is able to craft a fine and fulfilling novel.” (Booklist)

“If An Ocean Apart is any indication of Robin Pilcher’s works, then it is only a matter of time before the author becomes as well-known as his mother.” (

“My family was brought up with the feelgood factor, so that’s what I write about. Real people and believable situations. My characters may be criticized by some as being stereotypical, but quite honestly, I take that as a compliment. One can associate with them.” (Robin Pilcher)